Can I submit the exchange application before all of my points are assigned to my profile?

Yes, you can!


Can I apply for both scientific and professional exchange?

You can only apply for one type of exchange. However, on the Draft event, after everyone has chosen their countries, if there is any country left from the other type of exchange, you may also pick that country if you meet the requirements.


Do you guys send students on a unilateral exchange?

Unfortunately not.


What kind of confirmations for membership in student organizations do you accept?

Scan of official confirmation of the membership signed by the head of the organization.


Important notices:

1. When submitting the confirmation for grade point average, please write down the regular grade point average rounded up to three decimal places in the description form.
2. Read the exchange conditions of the desired country in detail.
3. Submitted activities and confirmations on our website will be reviewed by the end of the competition. Please do not send complaints while they are still in processing. We will provide you with a deadline for complaints after the end of the applications.


For more information ask your local officer for research or profesional exchange.

Good luck!