Medical University of Zagreb

On top of one of numerous hills in Zagreb, Šalata, right near the very center of Zagreb, yet far enough away from the city noise, stands Medical University of Zagreb, founded in 1917. With more than 1800 students, it is the biggest medical university in Croatia.

Studying there consists of

  • Preclinical part – tied to Šalata
  • Public health part – tied to Andrija Štampar School of Public Health
  • Clinical part – tied to practical work in hospitals and near patients

Some of various study institution includes Clinical Centre Rebro, CC Dubrava, CC Sestre Milosrdnice, CC Sveti Duh…

A part of sole studying for 6 years, students may choose to include themselves in many medicly related activities. On one hand students can join various student sections, which allows them to perfect themselves in a certain field of medicine, on the other, students may join numerous communities to get a taste in journalism, congress organization, student exchange and other activities across Europe and the rest of the world. Furthermore, students commonly include themselves in scientific papers to get some experience in scientific work before they become physicians.

All in all, medical studies in Zagreb is very dynamic and captivating venture. Although for most students, studying is their top priority, there is always bountiful amounts of fun.