Croatian Medical Students’ International Committee is a non-governmental and non-profitable association of medical students in the Republic of Croatia. Since 1992 it is a member of IFMSA International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, which counts more than a million members worldwide. Since its inception CroMSIC draws attention of medicine students and broader public with its projects not only for international student exchanges but also for increasing citizens’ awareness about prevention and treatment for some of the most common diseases in todays world. With the support of volunteers and enthusiasts, the association invests efforts in advancing our student and broader community. By involving themselves in these projects students become part of a community that gathers students’ of medicine all around the world and they gain the opportunity to go on international exchanges, which helps them gain experience for their future professional careers. Projects for the broader public are meant to inform them about the importance of prevention and timely treatment. In all these projects we are very successful and our work has been acknowledged all over the world.

Our main committees are: SCOPE, SCORE, SCOPH, SCORA, SCORP and SCOME

Standing committee on professional exchange (SCOPE) and Standing committee on research exchange (SCORE)

One of the most important CroMSIC’s roles is organising international exchanges for medical students. In cooperation with the International federation of medical students’ associations (IFMSA) CroMSIC organizes two types of exchange programs – professional and research. The task of SCOPE and SCORE is to organize exchanges for croatian students abroad and for foreign students on croatian universities.
SCORE exchange program allows students to be a part of pre-clinical and clinical projects and to experience the work in a laboratory conducting a scientific research in more than 50 countries around the world.
With SCOPE exchange program a student spends a month working on a hospital department and thus gaining a valuable clinical and personal experience.

Standing committee on public health (SCOPH)

SCOPH is a part of CroMSIC with a task to raise awareness of the students, medical workers and the rest of the community on public health issues in Croatia and the rest of the world through various projects.
The most important SCOPH projects are:
mRAK campaign – raising awareness about prevention of the six most common types of cancer – colon, breast, testicular, prostate, cervix and lungs.
Hypertension campaign – on problems caused by hypertension, treatment and prevention
World rare disease day – raising awareness about rare diseases

Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDSSCORA

Task of SCORA is to fight against HIV/AIDS and other STDs and for gender equality. We are working in several different ways like organizing public events, educating the young in elementary and high schools, party organization, handing out flyers and of course condoms.
SCORA marks: World AIDS day, International women’s day, World cancer day and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial
On an international level SCORA is a part of SCORA Twinning program where SCORA committees from two countries visit each other and share knowledge and experience.

Standing Committee on Human Right and PeaceSCORP

The task of SCORP is to raise awarenes of the students, young doctors and general population about human rights and peace.
Our goal is to make students understand how important is to fight against prejudice and stereotypes and how to fight it. We are organizing various humanitarian events and debates and we are visiting orphanages.
Our main activities are:
Marking the Human rights day, oragnizing humanitarian parties, workshops with the theme of sterotypes, prejudice and identities. Our branch in Rijeka is also organizing at the beginnig of May student symposium „Students for Human rigts“.

Standing Committee on Medical EducationSCOME

The last but not the least important committee is our SCOME. Its primary goal is to educate medical students, especially in the fields which are important in clinical practice but are not practised during regular classes. If you wonder how we do it, the answer is simple. We organise many workshops, debates and courses which are led by our volunteer doctors. An example for this is our Surgical Class where surgeons teach young students how to suture properly. Besides those practital skills we also organise wathcing movies which offer you to learn not only medical knowledge, but also life important lessons. Our most known activitiy is probably internationaly known „Summer school of diving and diving medicine“ where you can learn something about sports medicine, diving and diet of athletes.