The IFMSA Research Exchange is a research project that provides medical students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the specific area of their research interest. Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) gives you the opportunity to improve your research skills while enjoying in a foreign country and learning about other culture. During this program a student will learn the basic principles of medical research such as literature studies, collecting data, scientific writing, lab work, statistics and ethical aspects related to the medicine. SCORE is today active in more than 65 countries, offering over 3000 research projects to over 2400 medical students. All exchanges are initiated and coordinated entirely by medical student volunteers. Every university is represented by a Local Officer on Research Exchange (LORE), who arranges program for the exchange students and preparations such as housing and boarding. Every exchange student is assigned a local contact person who serves as a guide, a friend and a person who they can always ask to help.

 This program is officially recognized and supported by the medical school/university and is guided by a mentor who introduces exchange students to the basic principles of research.
Research projects in the medical and biomedical fields provide students with certain knowledge. It enables them to take responsibility for their own learning according to their personal interests and introduces  them to the basic principles of medical research. They experience different approaches to health care, ethical research standards, medical research, education, and treatment.

 It is very important to enhance the academic quality of the medical student curricula and achieve educational benefits of practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of medical research. This program also facilitates collaboration and partnership between medical universities, research institutions and allied medical students across the globe in order to share and spread new achievements in medical research.