How can I join CroMSIC?

You can register HERE.


What do I get by being a CroMSIC member?

By registering in CroMSIC, you are a CroMSIC member for that academic year, which means you can gather points through variuous activities and projects.
Furthermore, you a part of CroMSIC’s mailing list through which you get all the neccessary information about activities and projects, as well as information about international events organized by IFMSA.


How much do I have to pay to become CroMSIC member?

CroMSIC membership is free.


What is SCORA Twinning?

SCORA Twinning is transnational project that serves to connect medical students in neighbouring countries, exchange their experiences and studying methods and to create friendship and cooperation between participants. For more information click here.


What is National Assembly?

National Assembly is semiannuall meeting of Officers of all 4 CroMSIC subsidiaries. Officers meet to exchange experiences about working in their Local Committees and subsidiaries, to plan further steps and improve cooperation between medical students from different Universities in Croatia. National Assembly is organized by different subsidiary everytime.


What is EuRegMe

European Regional Meeting is annual event organized by members of european national Committees of IFMSA. This regional meeting is organized only a month after IFMSA’s Global Assembly, therefore, its funtion is to focus on topics regarding medical students in Europe.


What kind of organization is CroMSIC?

CroMSIC is nongovernment, nonprofit, medical student organization. CroMSIC acts on territories of Republic of Croatia but together with national organizations of medical students in other countries brought together in international federation or IFMSA.


I have an idea for a project for CroMSIC, whom do I approach?

You can talk to Local Committee’s president or secretary. Check the contact information for each Local Committee: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split ili Osijek.


What is the purpose of all these shortcuts and titles?

All shortcuts and titles used by CroMSIC are international standards set by IFMSA. These standards are accepted by medical students’ Committees around the world, which means if you used one of those shortcuts or titles, it would be understood in France, Japan or Brazil.


How can I become CroMSIC’s Local Officer?

Officers are elected on Local Assemblies, organized annually. Any CroMSIC member can apply and documents neccessary for the application are: biography, motivational letter and plan of action for the next year. Chances are higher for assisstants and members that showed their motivation and competence through their previous engagements.