CroMSIC is organizing Human Rights Symposium in every of the four biggest cities in Croatia. There are several topics we take in mind, such as inclusion of mentally challenged people, LGBTQ rights, feminism in medicine, children’s rights, doctors and patients rights and generally inclusion of the discriminated groups in our society.

With this project we connect with many other associations involved with de stigmatising and including people in the community. Community that recognises its problems, has the best possible chance to solve them, and also raise quality of life to higher level. With that in mind, the real meaning of this symposium is combining many different professions together and in the same direction- to educate and raise conscience about inclusion.

With this inter disciplinarian approach, including many experts in the fields of psychiatry, social psychology, defectology, psychopharmacy, neuroscience, social work and art, we tend to approach the problem in a modern way, openly speaking about the position of discriminated people of our community.


  • Let medical students expand their knowledge and get more experience and confidence when working with patients
  • Remove stigma and prejudices with education
  • Give discriminated people chance to speak up
  • Create better cooperation within students
  • Teach future doctors how to treat patients and colleagues more humane


Symposium lasts couple of days. Active participants are experts, and more importantly- students. With sequence of lectures and workshops, students and every one interested can be a part of a good discussion, and also expand their knowledge on certain topic. By giving us positive feedback from the visitors, we concluded that this symposium is extremely important and above all, useful for the community.