Rural health is a project that started in 2013. as a Health week in the city of Daruvar, since then it has grown into a huge project that covers almost all of the Bjelovar-Bilogora county and covers population of all ages. The main premise of Rural health is to take medical students, that are used to the big city healthcare, to the rural communities where they can learn about all the problems and customs that are specific to rural healthcare. Through the several days in which project takes place, medical students are obliged to educate local population about importance and benefits of healthy lifestayle and regular medical controls.

On the other hand, they will receive knowledge and experince important for their future career, indugle themselves in the rural lifestyle and see the difference they can make in their communities.

Project of Rural health is conducted from the start in the association with NGO „Impress“, organization for promoting positive affirmation of youth in society.