World Health Organization defined public health as science and art that covers all organizational measures (public or private) focused on disease prevention, health promotion and prolongation and improvement in quality of life in population as a whole.

Standing Committee on Public Health – SCOPH

is a part of IFMSA – the biggest and the oldest student organization, with the start of 1952., as Committee on Public Health, widening its range of activities, as of 1963., it became Committee on Health, to finally be renamed, in 1983., as Committee on Public Health. The goal of Committee is to emancipate medical students and create future public health experts and leaders, as well as raise awareness of students and general population about importance and ways of disease prevention and to contribute in the said prevention. That is achieved with local, national and international projects.

With activities, campaigns and projects we fight with the main public health concerns in Croatia and some of them are: hypertension, diabetes, tumors, uneducated general population, unequal healthcare availability, lack of interest of healthcare workers for working in rural areas, antivaccination movement, antimicrobial resistance, lack of experts and ideas in public health, abandoment of rare diseases.

Josip Antić, NPO