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Although CroMSIC is known for its international medical students exchange programme, it wasn’t always like that. In those war-torn years when CroMSIC was founded, it was pretty difficult to attract students to come to Croatia since Croatia wasn’t such a desirable destination for foreign medical students. Because of that an idea was born inside CroMSIC to found the Diving Medicine Summer School, a project which was a first of its kind in the world. It was this project that brought CroMSIC and Croatia to the level it is now when we accept more than 100 students yearly through our exchange programme.

In 2018. CroMSIC has, after more than 20 years, once again activated this project; this time on a much higher level in cooperation with Clinical Medical Center in Rijeka and the newly opened Center for Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine. Project is held each year in july and 16 medical students from around the world are eligible to participate.

Included in this project is the „Open Water Diver“ course which is consisted of 5 dives. After succesfully completing all 5 dives the students receive an official international certificate with which they are able to dive up to 18 meters. Also, experts from the field of hyperbaric medicine hold 10 hours of lectures about topics that differ from the most basic ones to the subspecialty levels.

Also, we organize several different activites and trips for our participants so we can transfer a piece of Croatian culture to them. The entire project is organised in cooperation with doctor Igor Barković who organised this project in its original condition and know, as a pulmonology specialist and one of the people working in the Center for Underwater and Hyperbaric medicine, is ready to transfer his knowledge to younger generations.


Frano Marinelli


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